Thursday, September 13, 2007

Think Before You Speak

I have recently been emailed some links to blogs that describe unusual activity in the options market-specifically large numbers of calls on the SPY ticker for the Sept. expiration. ( , These blogs herald the unusual activity as evidence of another terrorist attack that will happen before sept 21 because this person must have special knowledge of what is going to happen and he can only make money if the stock market crashes. This type of speculation is rampant as conspiracy theories abound. I will not deny that most of the things that will be found in this blog can easily (and rightly so) be called CT's. Yet, every attempt will be made to present compelling EVIDENCE for the existence of very strange, downright sinister, happenings in our day and age.
Included in these strange days is people who will rant about things that they are ignorant about and use their ignorance as justification of their 'theories'. This options incident is a poignant example. The writers are rightly aware of the enormous financial gains that were made on Sept. 11 through stock market puts but they fail to grasp the blatant reality that the recent options contracts are on SPY CALLS. Calls make money when financial instruments rise. Therefore, this extremely large bet is on a rise in the markets. Consequently, a stock market crash via a terrorist attack-as the bloggers are sure is demonstrated from the activity is the exact opposite of what the person is betting on. Instead, the truth probably lies in the headlines that are splashed across the mainstream media that the markets are in turbulence and the Fed chairman will bail them out with an interest rate reduction which is quite often extremely beneficial to financial markets as it makes money cheaper to borrow and thus speculate with.
A little common sense can go a long way in uncovering the roots of our problems in the world and this blog will aim at shedding light on the facts that are right before our eyes yet which we fail to grasp. Jesus was well aware of our ignorance when he explained, "You look but do not see, you listen but do not understand." After 2000 years it is time we understood how detrimental a lack of evidence can be.

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