Friday, September 10, 2010

3 years later

It is ironic that I come here to start writing again exactly 3 years after I started this blog. It is also sad that I haven't written much in 3 years. I sincerely hope that in the next three yeas I will be able to demonstrate in many posts the atrocious tyrany that Jesus is inflicting on our planet. I welcome the criticisms that will come and welcome questions from those who agree but want more information. The seed is all you need.  By contemplating the idea that Jesus is the devil masking himself as the saviour, the validity of the thought will quickly be evidenced in your daily experiences.  As the man responsible for this knowledge liked to say-"A fact draws on evidence."  My goal is to present this evidence as it appears to me in my daily experiences.  I am different from my gurus who understand bible and its lies backwards and forwards.  My experience with the people is that they will go inside an emotional hole anytime someone says bible or try to quote something from it.  Unless you're Tim Tebow. Our organization, Identity Publishers, has tried to get people to actually look at the things that they "believe" in bible.  We have shown that beleif is the only method of grappling with the contradictions of bible because it is impossible to actually know what happened, were Jesus and his disciples baptising at the same time as John the baptist, or did Jesus only get his disciples after John had been put in prison? Did 1,2, 3, or 4 women go to Jesus' tomb on the morning he supposedly "rose"?  However, these questions haven't resonated with people, probably because of the aversion to bible mentioned before.  I hope to provide a different story.  The story of real life, the story of now.  The story of people hating each other because they are jew, christian, or muslim. Or Hindu.  The story of people destroying the earth, destroying the family, and destroying themselves-the hallmarks of the demonic presence that inhabits our earthly plane.  Hopefully, if I can demonstrate the connections between these real life horror stories and their origins in bible then I can be like Jesus and give sight to the blind.  Ironic, the timing of these opening postings, on the anniversary of the most famous modern mass murder of christians by muslims, er humans by humans.  O Lord, let the blind see. 

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